New Improved Duolite Weightshift Bar System

- with added safety features - 

Sportlite Duolite Bar and Parasail

The only system on the market today, whether you are operating from the beach, pontoon or winch boat, where you can fly two people side-by-side whatever their size and weight. Designed by Brian Tripp of Sportlite, all other designs of this type on the market today are copies of our system.

Teflon Coated to provide a virtually maintenance free system - a fresh water wash and regular inspection is all that is required.

The unique Sportlite Slider System allows the operator to balance the total weight of the flyers, centrally beneath the parasail, quickly and easily.

Duolite Bar
Triplelite Bar

Bar Specifications - 

Breaking Strains KG llb's  
4mm Stainless Rapide 1,250 2,755  
3mm Stainless Wire 510 1,124  
8mm Carbine Hooks 1,600 3,527  
8mm Stainless D Ring 1,500 3,306  
50mm Polypropylene Webbing 1,625 3,575  
50mm Nylon Webbing 1,363 3,004  
Additional Safety Features

Additional safety wire - 3mm Stainless

Improved snap hook - gives 180 degrees of movement
Additional safety wire - 3mm Stainless
12mm Stainless screws and eyewashers
Improved 50mm  Polypropylene webbing
So whether it is romantic double for a loving couple, Dad and Mum or Dad and Son (a flight for the boys!) They can all fly side by side.
Dad, mum and one child are also possible now, using our TRIPLELITE bar system.


Or even triplets!!!!!!!!

Using the Duolite Weightshift Bar System and our larger sized parasails where a double tow yoke is fitted as standard operators can offer even more fun for their customers.