Sportlite as a manufacturing company was first established in 1985 by Brian Tripp, who after spending from 1966 to 1973 in the Parachute Regiment decided to leave and pursue other activities outside the Army. After many years of playing around with old army parachutes, being towed behind boats with not much success and many mishaps, Brian met Chris Abbott from Waterbird and both talked of their love of towing parasails. Sportlite Parasail
In 1978 Chris introduced Brian to Brian Gaskin of Waterbird who at this stage had produced a very good parasail to fly behind a boat or vehicle, and was the first 24ft standard parasail that was to be sold commercially by Waterbird.
Brian who was always a showman at heart decided around 1979 to set up a display team called Landbeach Parakites Display Team, and offer shows and demonstrations around the World. Perfecting many new ideas to thrill the public, Brian managed to get many companies to sponsor his team and went from strength to strength. During this time he convinced Waterbird they needed a bigger parasail, to cope with people of all sizes and for flights of 2 or more people. From this came the 28ft Jumbo, first flown by Brian's team at Brands Hatch in Kent. Sportlite Parasail
After many years of promoting the Waterbird parasail, with shows on the River Thames and many other events all with sponsorship and finance from major companies, Brian decided to use his creative ideas and expertise to manufacture his own parasails and so in 1984 Sportlite parasails was created.
From 1985 to the present time Sportlite has improved the first basic design of parasails to the sizes and style now accepted as the worlds best. All new techniques developed by Sportlite did not come easy, and after many years of all our parasails being tested, before being sold to customers, we have been able to greatly improve on our designs. Our customers feedback has given us many new idea's to improve our parasails and to say the changes have been little is an understatement. Sportlite Parasail
We have always wanted and still do expect the best from our parasails, so new ideas are always put into our products, to firstly improve safety and also improve the flying of all our parasails so the customer always gets the best.
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