Line Protection Coating

After a year of testing across the world, we are pround to introduce our
new line protection and marking option to our full parasail range.
The rubber coating reduces wear on the lines while making it easier for you to separate the lines you need.

Brand New Adverlite 8ft and 10ft Towers

Our all new Adverlite advertisement towers
Powered by micro pump using 4xAA Batteries/Usb Power
Availible in both 8ft and 10ft variants
form £125

Our Latest Project

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Sportlite, a UK based company, is the largest manufacturer of high quality parasailing equipment supplying our products worldwide.
Since our beginnings in 1985 we have been providing first class parasailing equipment and support to both private and professional watersport operators.
Our policy of actively listening to and working with our customers means that we have been able to develop new products and introduce many new safety features to our existing products and the wider industry.

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